1. How to Write a Resume Reference Sheet and Begin the Job Search

Merlin's Hut

In this section you will...

  • learn how to write a resume reference sheet
  • see an example of a sample reference sheet
  • become better acquainted with the job search process
  • learn the importance of routine
  • learn how to ask for letters of recommendation
  • learn the importance of choosing a specific job title



Step 1: Writing a Resume Reference Sheet and a Reference Sheet Example

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First, ask your former supervisors and managers if you could use them as a reference. (A reference is someone an employer will call to make sure that your resume is truthful.) Once you have permission from 3 professional references, you are ready to begin writing your reference sheet.

Here's a reference sheet template (i.e. a reference sheet example):

Merlin explained to Arthur that references should not be put on the resume—you should never write a reference list on your resume—rather a separate professional references list should be created.  Additionally, it is now antiquated to put “References Available Upon Request” on your resume. Instead, the employer will ask you for a reference sheet directly during an interview.

Thus, to prepare a resume reference sheet, use the same reference list as the people who wrote a letter of recommendation. And, preferably, select references that were supervisors and managers rather than coworkers, as it would give the reference sheet more credibility.

This is how a reference sheet is done:

Use the same Contact Information header as in your resume. Then, below is the formula for a references sheet:

Mr./Ms. [Name]
[Job Title], [Company Name]
[Company’s Street Address]
[Company’s City], [Company’s State] [Company’s Zip Code]
[Reference’s Phone Number]
[Reference’s Email]

Arthur's Sample Job Reference Sheet Example

Step 2: Setting a Routine  

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The next thing Merlin told Arthur to do as he began job searching was establish a routine. This is very important, because routine would ensure that he would survive the long, dangerous trek through the Job Search Jungle. To establish a routine:

  • Set goals each morning (how many applications, how much time devoted to job searching—at least 4 hours)
  • Wake up at the same time everyday
  • Take 10 minute breaks every 2 hours
  • Understand it may take 2 – 6 months to find work
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Remember, finding a job is a full-time job!

Step 3: Selecting a Specific Job Title 

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Merlin explained the importance of selecting a Job Title. A Job Title is a specific type of job—in Arthur's case, a Dragon  Slayer. A Job Title is what helps you not get lost in the Job Search Jungle.

Now having his Job Title, Dragon Slayer, Merlin instructed Arthur to write out a list of different words to describe the title. For example:

  • Dragon Slayer = Hunter = Knight

Merlin explained that other titles can have different names as well.

  • Secretary = Administrative Assistant
  • Janitor = Custodian
  • Career Coach = Employment Counselor

Merlin told Arthur to use his list of Job Titles when searching online for jobs. That way, he would make sure that he wasn’t missing other opportunities because the employer posted the job under another Job Title.


Step 4: Asking for Letters of Recommendation

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Merlin also told Arthur to get started collecting letters of recommendation. Ask the same managers, supervisors, professors, and coworkers (that you will ask for a reference) for a letter of recommendation. Be sure to tell them what fields of work for which you will apply. Ask them to write the letter so it is flexible for multiple positions. Thank them and get them a small gift for writing one.


  • Set a daily goal of finishing 5 job applications per day
  • Ask for letters of recommendation from former supervisors and managers
  • Choose a very specific job title you wish to apply for—for example, administrative assistant
  • Write a resume reference sheet that uses the same people you asked for a letter of recommendation




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Taking regular breaks every two hours is important. It allows you to be more productive and ensures that the work you do is of higher quality.



Make sure not to look for any “job.” Time and time again we see job seekers coming in, desperate, saying that they want “any job.” By trying to apply for everything, they get nothing. Choose a specific Job Title for which you are qualified.