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What is the Advice Oasis?


Arthur the giraffe        Merlin the wizard      Lionheart the lion     Voltaire the vulture

The Advice Oasis is a free resume, job reference sheet, cover letter, interviewing, and salary negotiation tutorial that visually lays out the necessary steps to employment and career success. Arthur the giraffe and Merlin the wizard journey together through many treacherous obstacles, Merlin advising Arthur on how to reach greater heights and find career success.

The journey is divided into two portions: (1) Applying for Jobs and (2) Winning Jobs. The Applying for Jobs half focuses on putting together a winning job application by writing a resume, cover letter, and reference sheet. The Winning Jobs section focuses on interviewing successfully with an employer, negotiating a higher salary, and moving up within a company.

The journey begins at Merlin’s Hut, where you will learn about beginning the job search and writing a job reference sheet. Then Merlin and Arthur pass through the Job Search Jungle, where Arthur learns how to network and search for jobs online. Next, Merlin gives free resume help and teaches Arthur how to write a resume in the Resume Oasis, a free guide to resume writing. Following the resume portion, Merlin and Arthur enter into the Cover Letter Foundry, where Merlin teaches Arthur how to write a cover letter. Subsequently, Merlin teaches Arthur how to send a resume by email in the Send It, Computer section.

The second half of the journey begins with Arthur being invited to an interview in the Interview By Lion section where Arthur will learn how to interview and faces off in an interview against Lionheart the lion. Arthur then learns how to write a thank you letter after the interview in the Thank You Letter By Air section. In the Negotiation Treasure Chest, Arthur learns how to negotiate salary. Arthur ends his journey in the last section, Reaching for Greater Career Heights, where Arthur and Merlin discuss anecdotal and scientific research on how to be promoted within a company rather than “let go.�

The content presented in this section has been tested and proven by our certified resume writers and interview specialists, and we at Giraffe Resume hope you find this information useful. Best of luck and happy job hunting!

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